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Preparing For Year 2018 (Step 5) 开始迎接2018年来领(筹备五)

This is my favorite preparation step for CNY. I call it my CNY walkabout, where I go around my home with my notebook, and I list what home improvements to make. Write down each and every improvement that you should make to your home, whether you think afford it or not! Your list should include: furniture you want to replace or buy, lamps you want to replace or change, where you think you want to shift or add a fan, anywhere you think a powerpoint (single or double?) is needed, any taps you want to change regardless they are leaking or not etc.

Every year, I WILL make improvements to my home. I have a Malay neighbour who lives 2 units away from me, and he will tear out his carpentry every year and make new cupboards. Mind you, I don’t think his cupboards get very dirty. He has 2 maids at home! The electrical workers who come to fix the lamps in my home also say that they are kept busy as year-end approaches, because there are many people who rip out their good (still in working order!) light fixtures every year, and replace with new ones! So the workers keep going back every year-end to take out the lamps that they installed the previous year! 😂 Lighting shops certainly enjoy good business!