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Preparing For Year 2018 (Step 4) 开始迎接2018年来领(筹备四)

I am 90% correct when I say that most people do not make their own lou-hei (salmon toss) dish anymore. Yes, supermarkets do sell the ready-made preserved ingredients, but you would still need to grate your own vegetables, and that’s a pain! In recent years, my husband and I have taken to going out for our CNY meals, but no matter that we are stuffed beyond words, I insist on tossing lou-hei when we get home.



To me, it is important that we create some yang (vibrant) energy at home, particularly for these 4 days. You will not be surprised when I tell you that there are a lot of people in Singapore who order lou-hei delivery. So if you want to get your lou-hei at or close to dinnertime on those days, then be kiasu (a mentality that we have to be faster and better than the rest of the crowd). Call the restaurant at least 2 months ahead and find out when you can start ordering for CNY! Honestly, 1 month ahead of the celebration date is too late!!! There are more kiasu people in Singapore than you think.


1 month ahead of 16 Feb 2018 is 16 Jan 2018

2 months ahead of 16 Feb 2018 is 26 Dec 2017 (I won’t jot it as 16 Dec 2017 because from experience, the sushi place I support only comes up with their CNY menu after Christmas)

There! I’ve put in my remark to order lou-hei on 26 Dec 2017!


2018 年一月十六日提早一个月是十二月二十六日(我不写十二月十六日: 我跟这家餐馆顶了很多年啦,我知道没有过圣诞节它不会推出新年菜单的)