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Preparing For Year 2018 (Step 3) 开始迎接2018年来领(筹备三)

I am a Chinese, so Chinese New Year is a very special time for me. I pay a lot of attention to these 15 days because Feng Shui is mostly about good starts, good tidings and good omens. I always try my utmost best to make these 15 days a wonderful fortnight of celebrations, even though on most days, it’s just my husband and myself! 😂 As per Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website, Chinese New Year (CNY) is on:

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With that as a starting point, this is how I mark out “Day 1” to “Day 15” of CNY. There are 4 days that are very important in CNY, in-terms of food. We are Chinese, and eating a lot is the most basic show of abundance, agree?

Eve of CNY = reunion dinner

Day 1 = the start of the New Year

Day 7 = everyone’s birthday (人日)

Day 15 = celebrate the end of CNY with a bang! (十五晚)

Ok then, let’s get started!




农历新年前一天 = 除夕夜,全家团聚

农历新年初一 = 好的开始

农历新年初七 = 每个人的生日 (人日)

农历新年初十五 = 十五晚,要搞到轰轰烈烈!