HDB Feng Shui: Top Floor Corner Unit (1) 组屋风水:顶层角落单位 (一)

Introduction 介绍

Almost all HDB flats in Singapore have a tenure of 99 years. This unit was built in 1978, but it underwent a major renovation in 2017, thus making it a ‘Period 8’ flat.

This is the aerial view of the flat block. The unit is located at the far end of the corridor.

hdb feng shui aerial view 1 edited

aerial view of the flat block 组屋的鸟瞰图

The residents at this end of the flat share a common lift that is located in the middle of that particular block of flats.

hdb feng shui shared common lift 1 edited

residents share a common lift 居民共用一个电梯

This is the long common corridor leading to the flat unit.

hdb feng shui long common corridor edited

long common corridor to flat unit 长长的公共走廊到组屋单位

When you enter the flat unit, you have a choice of 2 facing directions. The first choice is where the entrance door is located. Looking out of the entrance door, the unit is facing N.
进入单位,你可以选择两个朝向的方向。 第一个选择是入口门的位置。 从大门望出去,该单位面向北。

hdb feng shui entrance door looking in edited

entrance door looking in 大门看进去

hdb feng shui entrance door looking out edited

entrance door looking out 大门看出来

hdb feng shui top floor corner unit floor plan door facing direction N edited

entrance door looking out faces N 大门望出去朝北

entrance door looking out faces N 大门望出去朝北


The second choice is to take advantage of the main window view, which has an excellent view! Looking out of the window, you are facing E.

hdb feng shui facing direction 2

unblocked view looking out 无阻的场景

I am more inclined to say that this facing E main window is the facing direction of the flat unit. This is the floor plan:

hdb feng shui top floor corner unit floor plan facing direction edited

facing direction is E (main window) 风水朝向是东 (大窗)

The shape of this flat is regular, except for a partial missing SW corner. It is not completely missing, just a fraction. The master bedroom would have been bigger and wider, if not for the missing SW fraction.

Feng Shui afflictions such as missing corners in Feng Shui are common. When a home is missing the SW corner, it’s generally believed that the occupants will have relationship problems, and the matriarch of the family will be affected, whether in terms of the power that she holds in the family or at work. A missing SW corner could also be an affliction as simple as the matriarch having to work overtime every day.

This is the floor plan showing the missing SW:

这间公寓的形状还挺规则的,只是缺失了部分西南角落。还好, 这间单位并不是完全缺西南角落, 只是一部分罢了! 如果组屋单位是规则的四方形状,主卧室会更大, 更宽。

很少人有完美的风水房子或公寓。 这间公寓缺了西南角。谷歌“失踪风水西南角落”,你会从搜索结果读到如果一间屋子缺了西南角, 普遍来说会出现人与人之间的问题,或家里的女人 (尤其是女主人) 会在家庭里和在工作岗位上缺乏权力, 而且可能时常出国公干或每天必须加班。


hdb feng shui missing southwest corner outside edited 1

missing partial SW corner 缺部分西南角落