Taking Advantage Of The East 把握东边的优势

Energize The East 激活东部

Google “Feng Shui energizers for the East”, and you get plenty of ideas. I’ve chosen something simple, which is a green carpet plus some lush plants. Wonderful and so easy!!! Do keep the plants healthy! Talk to them, sing to them, love them, and see them thrive!!! 💚🌿🌱

谷歌搜索“激活东边的风水方法”,搜索结果给你很多点子。我选择了较简单的方式: 一块绿色的地毯加上茂密的植物。太棒了!一定要保持植物健康哦!与它们交谈, 对它们唱歌,爱护它们, 你很容易就看它们茁壮成长!🌿☘🍀

hdb feng shui east is not energised edited

Feng Shui is not energised 没有激活风水

hdb feng shui east is energised edited

So easy to energise the East 激活风水东轻而易举