Working Too Much Overtime 工作经常加班

Install Bright Lights 装亮灯

A common recommended cure for a missing corner is to install a very bright light where the missing corner is, to lift up the energy. However, as we all know, installing any fixtures or fittings on the outside wall of our HDB flat is not permitted. Even if you manage to install (illegally) the bright lamps, it is of no use unless you turn it on for a significant amount of time. We’ll see what the neighbours at the opposite block says about bright light in their eyes every day! LOL! 😂 In any case, the SW of this house so happens to be the master bedroom, so I don’t think bright lights (whether inside or outside the room) are the solution here.

一个常见的风水理论是在缺角的地方安装一盏亮灯, 然后把这盏灯开亮, 代替缺角所缺的‘能量’。 众所周知,政府组屋外墙是不能安装任何固定装置或配件的。 即使你有办法安装这亮灯泡,住在你家对面的邻居不可能默默每天都被亮的光线照刺眼的?! 😂 再说, 这间单位恰好缺角的西南部是主人卧房, 开亮灯(无论是在室内或在室外) 不太适合。

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use bright lights 用亮灯

Install Mirrors 用镜子

Another recommended cure is to install a mirror, so that it reflects a wall. The wall reflected in the mirror will replace the missing SW wall. But as you can see, this cure is also not feasible here because it would mean that the homeowner has to sacrifice her one or both windows in her big (the original divider wall has been hacked down) room. Also, there is no wall to reflect, so to speak, because the study window reflects a built-in wardrobe, whilst the bedroom window reflects the study room door and the bed. So mirrors are obviously not the solution here.

另一个建议是安装大片镜子反射缺角对面的墙。镜子里反射的墙壁将取代‘失踪的西南墙’。但这个风水‘治疗’在这间组屋单位也行不通,因为如果要安装镜子意味屋主必须牺牲那大房(原本两个房间的隔墙已经被敲掉)的一个或两个窗户! 就算屋主ok, 事实上, 我们谈的这两个窗户根本没有任何墙可以让镜子反映! 书房的窗户反映内置的衣柜, 主人卧室的窗户则反映书房的门和卧室里的床。 以我看来, 大面镜子不太适合在这应用。

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use big mirrors 使用大片镜子

Activate Small SW 激活小西南

I would recommend cure #3, which is to activate the southwest of the other rooms. If you look at the red stars that I’ve drawn in, I have recommended that the homeowner energise the SW of the other rooms in varying degrees:

strongly: the SW of the living room and of the study room
in moderation: the SW of the guest room, which I assume is only occasionally used
weakly: the SW of the master bedroom

If you Google “how to activate southwest in Feng Shui”, you have many choices! Take your pick from crystals, anything red, anything yellow, stones, diamonds etc.



谷歌“如何激活风水西南”, 搜索结果给你很多选择: 水晶,石头,钻石, 红色,黄色等。 你随意挑吧!✌

recommendation 3 edited

activate the small SW 激活所有小房间的西南

Don’t Over-Energize Bedroom 激活卧室不要过火

Keep in mind that the master bedroom cannot be energised as if it were a living room. Bedrooms (master bedroom and guest bedrooms) are a place of rest, so try to keep Feng Shui energizers and cures out of it. And also, even though you can try to incorporate Feng Shui colours into the affected room, you need to take into account how colors affect the occupants and their moods. For example, in this case, even though the suggested cure says it would be good to have a red (representing fire) bedroom theme, because fire produces earth (the element of the SW), but red color is too strong for any bedroom. I suggest that the homeowner use an earth-color bedsheet instead, and put a small red lamp on the side tables. This is more than sufficient for a bedroom.

有一点必须留意,卧室(主卧室和客房)是一个让人休息的地方, 我们在风水理论上不能把这些让人休息的房间与客厅或书房同样对待。 即使你想尝试将风水颜色融入受影响的房间, 你需要考虑颜色如何影响睡在房间的房客。 例如,红色(代表‘火’)会生‘土’(西南的元素行), 但红色是强烈颜色, 不适合卧室。 就算风水‘治疗’方法推荐红色, 我们也要用我们的独立分析来判断! 我建议主人房使用土颜色的床单棉被,并在边桌上放一盏小红灯。 这对一间用来休息的房间来说已经足够了。

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use suitable furnishings 使用恰当的摆设儿