Want More Savings 想要更多储蓄

Put Furniture And Choose Suitable Flooring Surfaces 放置家具并选择正确的地板表面

My first suggestion is that she should put a carpet in the living room area, which currently has laminate wood flooring, to slow down the chi. It is fortunate that the home owner made a correct random choice in installing the wood flooring (which has a more ‘rough’ surface) when she did her renovation. If she had chosen the widely popular ceramic floor tiles instead, the chi would have just whisked through!

She should also shift the dining table that is pushed against the wall to the middle. The chi is then encouraged to split left and right of the living cum dining room area, before it goes into the kitchen, then out of the back windows.

我的第一个建议是她可以在客厅放置一块地毯。 客厅现在是铺设木地板,这木原料跟陶瓷地板比起来比较好减速’气‘流, 不过应为这个家的布局实在太开放式, 所以放置一块地毯会比较好。幸运的是,当屋主进行装修时,她选择安装木地板(表面比较‘粗糙‘),这正确是好的随机选择, 果然误打误撞!😂  如果当时屋主选择了广受欢迎的陶瓷地砖,那么肯定她家宝贵的气不只是迅速流走, 甚至可说一刹那就‘消散’!

她也可以把靠在墙边的餐桌移到中间。这会鼓励‘气‘在客厅与餐厅区域的左侧和右侧分开, 然后才进入厨房,再从后窗出去。

hdb feng shui carpet and dining table in middle edited

put a carpet and a dining table to slow the chi down 地毯和餐桌把气缓和下来

Close Some Doors And Windows 把门和窗关上

If she does not like the above recommendation, then she should ‘permanently’ close the kitchen sliding doors that she had installed. These sliding doors can be opened occasionally when she wants to air her apartment, of course.

如果她不喜欢以上的建议,她可以‘永久性’关闭装修时安装的厨房推拉门。 当然,她偶尔可以把这推拉门打开让整间屋子通风一下。

hdb feng shui close the kitchen sliding doors edited

close the kitchen sliding doors 关厨房的推拉门

If she does not like my above recommendations, don’t worry, I have another suggestion. She can ‘permanently’ draw the back window curtains. Of course, she can open them ‘temporarily’ when she wants to circulate the air in her home.

如果她还是不喜欢我上述建议,别担心,我还有另一个建议。 她可以‘永久性’把后窗的窗帘布拉关着。 当然,她偶尔想让空气流通时,她可以‘暂时’把窗帘布打开。

hdb feng shui back curtains open edited

back curtains open 后窗帘打开

hdb feng shui back curtains drawn edited

back curtains drawn 拉关后窗帘

Focal Point 转移视线

And finally, she can also choose to shift her dining table to the middle of dining room, and put a focal ‘big size’ decoration on it. This draws the eye away from the back windows, which I still recommend that she partially closes, if she chooses to go with this recommendation. There are 4 window panes at the back window, maybe she can consider closing 2 of them ‘permanently’.

See from this picture what a difference a focal point makes!

最后, 她也可以选择将她的餐桌移到饭厅中间, 并在饭厅桌面放置较大的装饰。 这会让目光转移, 不看后窗反而注意到装饰品。  如果屋主选择这个建议,我仍然建议她‘永久性’拉关后窗的部分窗帘布。 后窗有四个窗格, 她可以考虑关闭其中的两个。

看看图片, 视线有了焦点果然不同!

hdb feng shui back curtains open edited

no focal point 没有焦点

hdb feng shui focal point edited

focal point camouflages 焦点把视线转移

But my favourite recommendation 👍 is still my first recommendation (carpet and dining table in the middle),  plus I would close 2 of the middle panes of back windows ‘permanently’.

我本生最喜欢我的第一个建议 (地毯和饭桌移到中间),另外, 我也会‘永久性’关闭后窗的中间两个窗格。 嗯! 👍