No Career Breakthrough 事业上等待突破

Activate the North 激活北部

As the flat owner is a salaried employee, it is important that she activate her career sector, which is in the N (indicated in blue color):

hdb feng shui north career wall edited

activate N sector of the home 激活单位的北部

Suitable activators for the North include fish tanks, stereo sets, tvs, the color blue, the color black etc. You can Google for more ideas. It is not advisable to activate the N of the kitchen area.

激活北方的风水方法包括装置鱼缸,立体声收音机,电视,蓝色,黑色等。你可以谷歌搜索更多“激活风水北部“的创意点子。 厨房的北部不需要也不适合激活.


Activate the Southeast 激活东南部

As she has just taken on a target-based job, it is also advisable for her to activate the SE of her home. Even if her job was not target-based, I will still encourage her to activate this sector, since the SE governs income.

由于屋主刚胜任了有销售目标的工作, 我建议她也激活她家的东南部。  即使她的工作不是以达到目标为基础, 我仍然鼓励她激活这东南区,因为风水东南是决定收入水平的部分。

hdb feng shui SE sectors edited

activate the SE sectors for income 激活单位的东南可以增加收入

I love flowers, so I will definitely use flowers (fresh flowers or fake flowers are ok) to activate this sector. As a matter of fact, I might even consider wallpapering the entire guest room in the SE! Lovely! 😍🌺

我喜欢花,所以我一定会用花(鲜花或假花)来激活这位于东南的客房。我甚至会夸张到把整个客房粘花纹打印的墙纸! 哇。。。我喜欢!野!💖 Girl Happy edited💖

hdb feng shui wallpaper SE room edited

flowery wallpaper in SE guest room 东南客房的华丽壁纸


Alternatively, a fountain can be used to activate SE, but it is not suitable to be used in the bedroom. If I were to put a small fountain in the SE of the living room, I would make sure that the water flow direction is flowing inwards (and not flowing out of the entrance door, and not flowing out of the main window) into the home. I will only put 1 small fountain in either of the locations that I have marked out above. This is a 4-room flat, so there is no need for a waterfall water feature. As I said in ____ and in ____, don’t go and buy a massive water feature!
激活风水东南也可以使用喷泉,但切记喷泉不适合在卧室里使用。 如果我在客厅的东南部放一个小喷泉, 我会确保水流方向向屋内流动(不流出大门的方向,也不流出主窗口的方向)。 我只会在我以上标出的区域放置一个小喷泉。 原因是这组屋单位只是一个四房室组屋,因此不适合放大型瀑布式喷泉。 我在——————和————————说过,不要买巨大的喷泉!

hdb feng shui SE water fountain flow into house edited

the water flow direction from the SE fountain will flow into the home 放置在东南的喷泉的水流将流入家中

hdb feng shui SE water fountain flow out of house edited

the water flow direction from the SE fountain must not seem to flow out of the home 放置在东南的喷泉的水流不可以像是流出家外

It is not advisable to activate the SE of the kitchen.
同样的, 厨房的东南部不适合激活。