HDB Feng Shui: Mid Floor Unit (1) 组屋风水: 中层单位 (一)

Introduction 介绍
This flat unit was built in 2003, and it had been renovated a few times, but not extensively. Nonetheless I still consider it a Feng Shui ‘Period 8’ (‘Period 8’ refers to those houses built or renovated between Year 2004 to Year 2023) flat because:
(1) it is a flat built only a year before Year 2004,
(2) even though it had never been given an extensive renovation, but the two renovations were spread out over time. The first renovation was undertaken a few years (in the time period Year 2004 to Year 2014) after the couple shifted in, and the second renovation was just a few years ago (in the time period Year 2015 – Year 2023). Both times, the renovations gave the home a completely new and refreshing facelift,
(3) they have 2 growing children, and the couple often buy new furniture to meet the family’s ever-changing needs. Whenever they buy new furniture, the couple will shift their old furniture around to accommodate the new furniture. Shifting furniture around occasionally is a good thing as it encourages energy flow,
(4) in lieu of the above points, I feel that it is more of a ‘Period 8’ house, and less of a ‘Period 7’ house (in my opinion, just because it was built in Year 2003, it does not make it a ‘Period 7’ house by definition).
这座政府组屋建于二零零三年。 单位已经装修过两次,但两次都不是很大规模的装修。 尽管这样,我仍然判断这是一间风水‘第八期’(‘第八期’是指在二零零四年至二零二三年之间建造或翻新的房屋)的单位,因为:
(一) 组屋建造的时间离二零零四年不远 (才一年前罢了!),
(二) 即使单位从未进行过很大规模的装修,但屋主是每隔几年装修的。 第一次是在拿了锁匙不久(在二零零四年到二零一四年的时间段内),第二次翻修工作就在几年前(二零一五年到二零二三年)。 两次整修为单位带来了全新的,令人耳目一新的面貌,
(三) 屋主夫妇有两个成长中的孩子,所以经常购买新家具以满足家庭不断变化的需求。每当他们购买新家具时,家里存在的旧家具就会被移动(偶尔把家私移来移去可以让气流通), 好放置新家具,
(四) 考虑上述几点,我的意见是这单位是一间风水‘第八期’的单位,而不是‘第七期’的。 尽管单位建于二零零三年, 我们不能盲目只根据定义判断单位的风水岁数。
hdb feng shui mid floor unit close knit family edited

a close-knit family 快乐的小家庭

There are 2 lifts serving this HDB block. Once you step out of the lift, the residents go either left or right at the fork at the lift lobby to go to their homes. This is a common occurrence in apartment living, where your entrance door could be facing both the common corridor and the lift lobby. This is the case for this flat unit.
这座组屋的电梯服务组屋位于电梯大厅前叉两端的单位居民们。这种情况在公寓生活很普遍。 这间组屋单位的大门就是这样, 面向公共走廊和通往电梯的大厅。
hdb feng shui common corridor lift edited

the residents of this block are living in units located at both sides of the fork at the lift lobby 组屋居民公寓单位位于电梯大厅前叉的两侧

Once you exit the lift, this is the common corridor and the lift lobby which leads to the occupant’s flat unit.走出电梯, 这是朝往组屋单位的公共走廊和电梯大厅。
hdb feng shui common corridor illos edited

the fork at the lift lobby 电梯大厅前叉的两侧

This is the outside view of the main door:
望过去, 我们看到组屋单位(还有邻居)的大门:
hdb feng shui main door outside illos 20180421 edited

main doors of 2 HDB units side by side 两间政府组屋单位的大门并排

The main door leads into the living room, which has a window with a picture view.
大门走进来, 我们看到的第一间房是客厅。 客厅里有一个大窗。
hdb feng shui main window inside 20180421 censored edited

big window in the living room 大厅的大窗

Looking out this main window, we see a common sight in Singapore, which is more HDB flats! 😅 But luckily for the residents, the flats are considered far away (the buildings are not smack in front of their window blocking their view).
从大窗往外看,我们看到新加坡常见的景象: 更多的政府组屋座! 😅 幸好, 这间公寓的大窗视线没有被其他建筑阻挡。
hdb feng shui main window view 20180421 censored edited censored2

buildings in a distance and not blocking the main window 大窗望出去有许多组屋座, 不过没有挡着大窗看出去的视线

I am more inclined to choose this direction which the big window faces as the Feng Shui ‘facing direction’. This direction is facing S.
如果我住这间组屋单位, 我肯定会选择大窗面朝的方向为风水‘朝向’, 是南方。
This is the floor plan:
hdb feng shui mid floor unit floor plan edited

hdb feng shui mid floor unit floor plan 政府组屋中层单位平面图

Superimposing The Bagua Grid 叠加八卦格
This unit has a very irregular shape. Usually I only use the bagua grid method, as I did in the analysis for the previous case study, as well as for the next case study. As I wrote in ____, Feng Shui does not have to be complicated. For an ordinary person, the bagua grid method is more than sufficient to do wonders in your life. _______  Alas! I’ve never encountered such an irregular shaped apartment before, and so I ended up confused and unsure! Let me show you what I mean:
这个单位的形状非常不规则。 在我的实习范围, 我通常只使用风水八卦格叠加方法, 就像我在前一个和下一个案例分析中所做的那样。还记得我在____写过, 风水并不一定要复杂。 对于一个普通人来说,八卦格叠加方法足以让好风水实现。 _______唉, 头痛! 我以前从未看过象这间组屋单位如此不规则的形状的,真让我感到困惑和苦恼! 看看我的初步分析:
Using the outer wall parameters, I superimposed the bagua grid and ended up with missing big SE, missing small S, missing small NE, missing small N and missing small NW.

hdb feng shui superimpose 1 edited

bagua grid on outer wall parameters 八卦格叠加外墙

hdb feng shui superimpose a lot of missing corners colored edited

outer parameters: ended up with many missing corners 外墙叠加:有很多缺角

Using the inner wall parameters, I ended up with missing big SE, missing small S, missing small N, protruding small NE and protruding small NE.
使用内壁,我叠加了风水八卦格, 最终缺少大东南,缺少小南,缺少小北,突出小东北和突出小东北.

hdb feng shui superimpose 2 a mix of protruding and missing corners edited

bagua grid on inner wall parameters 八卦格叠加内墙

hdb feng shui superimpose 2 a mix of protruding and missing corners colored edited

inner parameters: still ended up with corners issues 内墙叠加:有许多凸角缺角

My feel is that using the inner wall parameters to superimpose the bagua grid will be better for the occupants. I am not saying that it is perfect, but it is the lesser of two evils. Why do I choose the inner wall parameters?
(1) Too many missing corners when we use the other wall parameters. I don’t think we should deal with that. Let’s try to see if there is another way.
(2) Taking the inner walls forces the the toilets out of the center grid of the bagua. I’m not a big fan of having toilets in the centre grid. Generally speaking, no matter a landed property or a small apartment, it is better not to have toilets, kitches or storerooms in the center grid of the bagua. The reason is because the center of the bagua represents the heart of the home. If you want, you can Google for more indepth information on this.
(3) Protruding corners are better than missing corners, if the protruding corner is in a good sector of the home.
In any case, for this apartment unit, it is obvious that we can’t just use the bagua grid method alone. But what we can learn from the above 2 superimpositions is that: The big SE of this home is missing. 
我的感觉是在这组屋单位, 使用内壁来叠加八卦格来做分析对居民比较好。 我并不是说这很完美的, 但如果一定要两者选一, 这是‘邪恶中’较小的选择。 为什么我选择内壁来叠加八卦格?
(一) 当我们使用外墙叠加, 结果太多缺角。我认为太多缺角是一个不好处理的风水问题。 所以, 我要尝试其他方法。
(二) 用内墙叠加八卦格迫使厕所从八卦格的中心移出。 无论房子或公寓, 最好不要厕所, 厨房或储藏室在八卦格的中心(代表家的中心)。 如果有需要, 你可以谷歌搜索关于这个题材。 
(三) 普通来说, 突出的角落好过缺角的角落。 如果有需要, 你可以谷歌搜索关于这个题材。
终止,对于这间组屋单位, 很明显的, 我们不能单单使用叠加八卦格的风水分析方法。 但, 从上述两个叠加结果, 肯定的是:这个单位缺角大东南


The Father is a very smart, very savvy and extremely hardworking man. But he is more than that, he also has the X-factor (streetsmart, high EQ, quick-thinking on his feet) that many scholastic people lack! Having worked for more than 20 years, he should be a top-ranking officer by now. Being highly dependable and quick to learn new things, he is often given more tasks (opportunities) in his work. But for some reason, he has still not been given his big break in his career. What can he do?

屋主父亲是一位非常聪明,非常精明,非常勤奋的人。 更重要的是,他拥有许多学者所缺乏的‘X因素’! 这位和蔼可亲的父亲懂得所谓‘街头聪明’技巧, 而且他应变能力很强! 工作了二十多年,他现在应该是做到高官职位。他并不是没有机会, 由于他做事可靠, 也快速学习新事物, 工作态度又好, 所以他在工作上经常被赋予更多任务。 但, 出于某种原因, 他的职业生涯仍未得到重大突破。 风水能帮到他吗?