Apartment Feng Shui: Top Floor With Roof Top (1) 公寓风水: 顶楼连天台 (一)

Introduction 介绍

This is a typical private apartment built in the 1970s. There is no lift access.

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a typical private apartment built in the 1970s 一个典型的私人公寓建于二十世纪七十年代

There is a stairwell on the ground floor. The residents need to climb up a flight of steep stairs to reach their apartment unit.

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stairwell entrance 楼梯间入口

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flight of stairs leading to apartment unit 通往公寓的楼梯

The upper floor units each have their own personal small foyer. Each foyer has it’s own small window.

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personal foyer with a set of personal window 个人门厅与一套个人窗口

The residents are an elderly couple in their 70s. This is the floor plan of their unit.
屋主是一对年龄七十的老夫妇。 这是公寓单位的平面图。

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floor plan 平面图

The apartment was last renovated in the early 1980s, so this makes it a ‘Period 7’ apartment.


The elderly couple had worked hard their entire life, and they now want to enjoy their twilight years. However, the sole breadwinner (the elderly man), having worked very long hours and under tremendous stress for a good part of his working years, is facing ailing health.

这对老年夫妇一生都在努力工作, 照顾家庭。 现在他们想要享受他们的晚年。 没料到, 唯一的养家糊口老爷爷, 应为长期承受工作的压力,工作时间也很长, 现在正面临着病痛。